On day 2 of our epic battle for dog bed domination the troops of the evil forces continue to build during the first onslought of attack.

Subject: Ozzy (French Bulldog), Tory & Nitro (Airedale Terriers)
Photographer: Colleen Atwood
Date Taken: 5.7.08

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2 thoughts to “The Epic Battle – Day 2

  • R.

    At our house the battle is mostly over the footstool which elevates the winner to keep watch over their subjects. Tory usually wins that one, but she just doesn't fit very well on it, so she relinquishes fairly quickly to Porsche who's been the footstool queen since birth basically.

  • Deb & Bob

    Not only does Fergus look like his sister, he even acts like her.

    The battle in this house is betwen Rory, who sleeps on his bed on Bob’s side of our bed, and Fergus who sleeps on his smaller one next to me. Fergus occasionally goes over and annoys Rory in hopes of rousting him, but Rory wins out every time.

    We try and ignore the growling, the whining, and, in the end, Fergus’s howls of frustration.

    Keep the story going.

    Nitro is as handsome as ever.

    Deb and Bob

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