Does your dog need a place to stay while you are at work or out for the day? Does your dog need a little extra playtime during the week? If you answered yes, then our day care service is the answer!

Dog day care is a great place for your dog when you are away from home just for the day.  Your dog spends time socializing, playing, and exercising with other day care dogs instead of staying at home alone.  It is a great option for dogs that need a little extra companionship during the day.

Day care is also a great option for your puppy (over 12 weeks old).  Don’t leave your puppy bored at home all day.  Bring your puppy for day care where they will learn socialization skills while wearing off all that puppy energy in a safe and dog friendly environment while you are gone.  Day care also exposes your puppy to lots of different stimuli such as sights, sounds, and people which is extremely important for their development and builds confidence in your young dog.

We always recommend a few day care stays for any owner who is nervous about bringing their dog for a longer boarding stay.  Coming for day care allows us to evaluate the dog’s response to the kennel environment and helps them to adapt to the new surroundings.  It gives owners peace of mind that their dog will have a good time during any longer stay with us.

We provide day care services in the same facility we use for boarding and grooming. We have large exercise pens where Day Care dogs participate in monitored playgroups which are divided by dog size and activity level for the safety of the animals. Toys and water are supplied in the exercise pens at all times.

Day Care is provided on all days except Sunday and Tuesday. Dogs that must stay overnight will be charged based on our standard boarding rates plus a $25 extension charge.

Dogs staying for Day Care may check in any time after 8am with check out anytime between 4 and 7pm.

All dogs staying for Day Care must be up to date with their vaccinations. Proof of vaccination is required. Please review our Vaccination Policy.

Day Care dogs that need to stay overnight will be charged at our standard boarding rate plus a $25 extension charge.
Check in is 8 AM
Check out is between 4 – 7 PM
No daycare on Sunday or Tuesdays.
There is a fee for picking up and dropping off outside of our open business hours. There is a fee for transporting your dog to the vet.
Please keep in mind that our hours have been carefully chosen in order to balance customer convenience with the ability to provide the best possible care to all dogs in our facility.
$45 PER DAY – All sizes, All breeds. No discount for multiple dogs.
ADD $10-45 PER DAY
Special Needs means any dog(s) requiring additional individualized care and includes but is not limited to: dogs needing banages changed, dogs that must be walked on leash, extreme medical conditions, additional supervision, injections, etc.

All prices subject to change without notice.

Please note that we are CLOSED for drop off, pick up, daycare and grooming surrounding major holidays.