“Just wanted to give you an update on our beloved puppy, “Teddy O’Neill” (named after a character in an Irish folk song). Teddy is now about 18 weeks old and is doing super well. He’s had his second set of vaccinations, is enrolled in “puppy kindergarten”, and is completely house-trained. Every day he romps in his fenced-in yard where he plays ball and chases the squirrels to the trees. Teddy is smart as a whip and commensurately mischievous! We love him so much, it’s probably not good for us… He gets long walks nearly every day and is astonishingly athletic for such a young dog. He can climb a 1,100 foot mountain, ford a brook, jump a log or chase a bunny without batting an eye. Teddy may be the warmest, most affectionate dog we’ve ever owned, and that’s saying something. He comes in our bedroom every morning and insists on getting up on the bed to say hello and give us kisses. Of course, with all of that, he’s flat out gorgeous. People frequently stop us and say, “Where on earth did you get that dog?” He’s a certified “head turner” and a great representative of his breed. Thank you both for being such great promoters of Airedales and for offering us this wonderful puppy. Rest assured, he has a good home and loving owners.

Mark & Doreen M”