“Shroeder made his nursing home debut yesterday.  I took him up for about an hour and he was a hit!  I wish you could have seen him with one resident named John.  John is a retired fire-fighter and has had a stroke leaving one side of his body paralyzed.  He is in a wheelchair.  He used his good hand to pat Shroeder and the little guy was just as gentle as could be!

I am so impressed with this puppy!  He is smart too.  This morning we played fetch for at least 15 minutes! He knows his name and comes when called and tonight he was sitting on command for a treat.

He loves to run outside with Sunny.  We have a 10 acre field and twice today the two dogs and I went the distance and back.  Shroeder is interested in every butterfly, every piece of goldenrod and every rock.  What a delight he is.

I am so glad you decided to part with him.

Whoever said you can’t buy love, never bought an Airedale puppy from Woodcrest Kennel! Of course, I know he wouldn’t love me back if I didn’t spend time with him like I do.  But I cannot over-emphasize how happy we are with him.

Thank you!”

-Deb W.