“I go on vacation several times each year and need to board my dog for that time.  Like many, I feel like my dog is a member of our family.  When we leave him behind it’s important for me to know that he’s in good hands.  For the last couple of years I’ve been taking him to Woodcrest Kennel in Orford, NH.  I discovered them when I posted on the Upper Valley Listserv, asking for recommendations.  Woodcrest received an overwhelming number of positive reviews compared to all other kennels.  That is a lot of positive feedback from local dog-owners.

My dog still gets nervous, and he always knows when we’re packing for a trip, but when I pick him up from Woodcrest it’s always clear that he’s been well cared for and he’s clean.  The people at Woodcrest are dog lovers.  I told my vet about them and she said that she always recommends them.  I also recommend them without reservation.  Just be sure you visit their website and pay attention to drop-off and pick-up times.

I’m very pleased to have found Woodcrest.”  -Daniel Graubert