Topping the list of dog news topics of the year has to be the controversial media flurry surrounding the new President’s promise to his children for a new puppy at the end of his campaign, win or loose, which was reaffirmed as part of Obama’s acceptance speech. Why controversial? One of Obama’s daughters has an allergy to dogs. The topic was so huge it was even part of the President-elect’s first news conference.

Another sensation this year was the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam (now offline). The puppies were so popular, and so darn cute, that People magazine even interviewed the six stars. The cam quickly racked up over 3 million hits by people wishing to escape their own lives if only for a minute and submerge themselves in the simplicity of puppy-dom.

Controversial Dog News Story of 2008 is the BBC versus Crufts debacle instigated over a controversial documentary that claimed pure bred dogs are plagued with serious genetic defects, disease, and deformities through irresponsible inbreeding. That has now lead to a PETA versus USA Network movement to get Westminster removed from the air as well.

Wackiest Dog News Story of 2008

This award has to go to the pet cloning wonder which shortly revealed a 31 year old crime mystery. Joyce McKinney jumped bail after being charged with the unlawful imprisonment in a missionary she forced sex upon only to return 31 years later in the middle of the media spotlight now calling herself Bernann McKinney owner of a litter of miracle cloned puppies from South Korea.

Wackiest Story Honorable Mention to the PSDA top twenty list of items removed from the stomach of pets over the past year.

Turnaround Dog News Story of 2008

We all remember the Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring at Bad Newz kennels in Virginia. PETA and HSUS wanted the dogs euthanized, after all any fighting dog is beyond rehabilitation…right? Wrong. Instead, after 4 additional months of neglect in animal control facilities, a rescue group called BAD RAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls) stepped in and took charge. Each dog was reviewed as an individual by an experienced team of evaluators. In the end 47 of the 51 “most vicious dogs in the country” were saved with only 1 dog being euthanized for behavioral reasons. The Vicktory dogs experienced such brilliant turn around in terms rehabilitation that Sport Illustrated was prompted to print a cover story including 5 page spread highlighting their success despite a 1987 Sports Illustrated report that is often cited as the being of the end for the Pit Bull reputation. Hooray for BAD RAP and their everlasting message that every dog deserves a chance.

Best Dog Video of 2008

Jerry needs no help playing with his ball.

Another news story stick out in your mind as a great moment in 2008? Leave it in the comments!