CH Warwick Shilling

This page is dedicated in loving memory to Zeke, the first Airedale at Woodcrest. He can be credited with spawning our interest and love of owning and breeding Airedale Terriers. He taught us many valuable lessons and he will be missed greatly. In 1998, Zeke was retired to a wonderful family in Alton, NH. As a breeder you always have a picture in your head of the ideal family that you want to adopt your dogs. Zeke’s family was the epitome of that ideal and we are extremely greatful to them for providing Zeke a loving and safe home to his very last day. We will miss you always Zeke.

DOB 26 May 1994
SEX Male
AKC Reg # RM112810/10

SIRE CH Warwick Bishops Mitre RB128137 (2-92) OFA27G
DAM CH Warwick Bond’s MoneyPenny RM013536/14 (9-93)
BREEDER Nancy W Anderson


Wins & Accomplishments

1996. Conformation Champion

Litters & Puppies


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