If you’ve checked the Puppies/Litters page of our website recently you already know the news about our next planned breeding, Max x Torrence.

Torrence is in heat and we expect her to be bred in the next week or two.

Nobody involves you in the puppy process and development like we do and now we plan to incorporate your involvement even further.

As part of our recent website enhancements we have some new interactive surprises to go along with this litter.  These surprises include the incorporation of a new Polls feature.  We will ask for your input on certain creative decisions, like picking a THEME for the litter :). 

First we will provide some basic guidelines and open up a discussion for submitting the suggestions from all you creative minds out there.  You can enter as many as you can come up with by submitting a comment for each idea on the post where the request for submissions is presented.  When a certain time has elapsed we will collect all the submitted ideas, review them and decide on our favorites, then post a poll with our selections and let YOU MAKE THE FINAL DECISION by voting.  There will be no rules about who can make submissions or who can vote, it is open to the public at large.

We hope that you are as excited about these new interactions as we are.

Other points to look out for in the near future include articles about certain aspects of conformation, showing, breeding, and training that you have asked about.  Up first is an explanation of Progesterone Testing, what it is and why it is important.  We will also be writing a series of articles explaining how a dog show works, the play by play as it were, in preparation for the big televised dog shows coming up in a few weeks (AKC/Eukanuba National Championship and Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show).

If you have a question that you would like answered or explained in an article here, any topic relating to dogs, please let us know by emailing dogblog@woodcrestkennel.com or submitting a comment.