It took some time, but we have finally settled on our favorites.  You all came up with some great ideas for the Max x Tory Litter Theme.  We took this morning to debate each submission.  Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas!  We loved them all even though we couldn’t pick them all.  There were a few that although we really loved them we decided against.

We loved the sports venues theme.  We already have a Fenway though, he was a show prospect from our Compaq x Julia litter (Nitro and Summer littermate) who we placed locally.  He was named after his Big Green ribbon, although he is not a monster, he is very special to us.

We also seriously considered the cosmos theme, but felt it was better suited to a Striker litter as that line has an ongoing ‘star’ association (Dallas Star, Star Struck, and little Stark).

We narrowed it down to four ideas that we think are broad enough to come up with registered names from call names already picked out by our puppy buyers, while at the same time suiting Tory’s personality.  Now the final decision is up to you.  Vote for your favorite using the poll below or in the sidebar.

Anyone can vote!  The theme with the most votes wins.  You will probably only be allowed one vote per computer, so you’ll have to go visit the library if you want to inflate the votes for your favorite, but feel free to do so.  If you are having trouble voting, just put your pick in the comments and we will include it in the final tally.

Voting will end in about two weeks on April 16, 2008.  The poll will close late on that date and we will announce the winner the following day. 


(4:20pm) New pictures just added to the Max x Tory litter photo gallery.