Timber“Lucky is the Airedale terrier puppy that enters this world at Woodcrest Kennels, and even luckier are those who decide to make one of these beautiful puppies a part of their family.

Jay and Colleen Atwood, and their daughter R., bring a wealth of expertise and an abundance of love to the breeding of their dogs. They’ve been incredibly supportive and sharing of their knowledge with us as first time “parents” of an Airedale. Because of their great web site we were able to be a part of our puppy’s life right from the start, seeing wonderful pictures of Timber and his litter-mates just after they were born, as their eyes opened, and as they first started to walk…..talk about bonding! Timber now fills our days with exuberance, joy and his own devilish sense of humor. We adore him!

Best of all is that we can take Timber back to Woodcrest to board when we’re away. We suspect he may have more fun while there, playing with his Mom and sisters, than he does at home! We feel unbelievably fortunate to have become a part of the Woodcrest family.
THANK YOU Jay, Colleen and R.!”

Robin & Everett Pollard & Timber
Sunapee, New Hampshire