“Strider is a wonderful boy! It is just as you told me when we first met, Colleen, about males…he is affectionate, loving and is always at my side (he is laying on the floor beside me as I type this). My husband and son call him a mama’s boy. 🙂 He sits on my lap -all 55 pounds of him!. I keep trying to tell him he is an Airedale Terrier not a Yorkshire Terrier. He is, of course, a typical Airedale. He is mischievous, funny and energetic. He loves his walks and he loves his family. We love him.

He had his first grooming a few weeks ago and the groomer gave him an A. We worked with a personal trainer and he was a stellar student. She really needed to train me!

Your Airedales are simply the best…everything that I wished for – good temperament, excellent with adults and children, and all-around superb Airedale.

Thank you for bringing the joy back to our family with the addition of Strider,
Karen M”