We are often asked what books we recommend for soon to be puppy owners. There are many books that you may find useful in preparation for your new puppy, but remember that not all books are right for everyone. Every book will have different viewpoints and use different training techniques.

The following are books that we like and/or previous buyers have had success with:

There’s a Puppy in the House: Surviving the First Five Months by Mike Wombacher

How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With by Clarice Rutherford and David H. Neil

Don’t Shoot the Dog! by Karen Pryor

Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs by Karen Pryor

You may also be interested in the DVD/Video Puppy Kindergarten by Corally Burmaster which features clicker training techniques specifically with Airedales.

Re-reading our FAQ & Policies page before you bring your puppy home is usually a good idea. We also send you home with a puppy kit, produced by Pro Plan, that includes some good training tips and advice that previous puppy buyers have found useful as a quick reference.

You can browse the books, brochures, and other materials at the ATCA Shopping site. We have not necessarily reviewed all items there ourselves, but you might find something interesting. If you do your own grooming you may find the instructional materials there to be of interest.

When looking for training books, techniques, classes, and instructors always remember that Airedales respond best to positive reinforcement techniques. That is why we recommend clicker training which is not only effective, but can transform even the most stubborn of bad habits when used correctly.

Never use punishment training with Airedales. Never use a pinch collar on an Airedale. Find a new trainer if they recommend either of these for your Airedale.

If a trainer ever gives you advice that sounds funny or concerns you in any way please feel free to contact us for our opinion. Not all trainers understand Airedales or even Terriers and we’ve heard some really bad advice handed out over the years.

If there is a book or training tool you have had particular success with, please let us know and we will add it to our recommended reading.