We are pleased to welcome the Max x Tory litter, born April 1, 2008.  I appologize for the delay in updates about the litter, but as you read on I think you will understand and forgive us…

I have an old breeders guidebook that recounts another breeders whelping story where they make the comment, “They just kept on popping out everywhere!”  To that the author remarks that if you can make this exclamation then you have had a very successful delivery.  Well, they just kept on popping out everywhere!  What a good sport Tory was during the whelping of:

# Collar Color Time Sex Weight
1 Brown 3:21pm M 16oz
2 White RR 3:27pm F 14oz
3 Light Blue 3:45pm M 14oz
4 Green 4:06pm M 12oz
5 Purple RR 4:35pm F 12oz
6 Black 6:36pm M 12oz
7 Dark Blue 8:37pm M 15oz
8 Tan 8:47pm M 15oz

At this point some breeders are shaking their heads, good sizes, but a lot of boys…and some people on our wait list hoping for girls are feeling a little sad…

Did you think we were going to stop there?


Tory went on to add:

# Collar Color Time Sex Weight
9 Yellow RR 9:10pm F 12oz
10 Light Green RR 11:18pm F 16oz
11 Red RR 11:51pm F 12oz

And with the new day, brought the only non-April fool:

# Collar Color Time Sex Weight
12 Orange RR 1:05am F 16oz

By the way, this is not an April fools joke.  Tory had 12 puppies, all natural, from proud papa Max.  It is an even split of 6 girls and 6 boys.  This is not Max’s record which is currently 13 puppies.  We are thankful for only 12, all of which were ready to go from the start, all healthy, strong pups, no issues.   As you can see the puppies with wavy ribbons (denoted by the RR in the collar colar) are girls and straight ribbons are boys.  In pictures from yesterday, the ribbons will not match up as we made some changes today to be able to distinguish easier in pictures.  We will get more pictures later.

We have Dr. Ann Huntington and Dr. Powell of Suffield Veterinary Hospital in Suffield, CT to thank for this wonderful batch of puppies.

Also a huge thanks to Dr. Diane Gildersleeve for several late night calls as we kept having more, and more, and more puppies and for coordinating with us and Whelp Wise.

We will be very, very busy over the next few days so please be patient with us, our email and comment response may be slowed a bit.

We are also wading through the Litter Theme submissions and promise to have our favorites picked out and the poll up for voting later in the week.

For those puppy buyers on our wait list for this litter, we will not accept visitors to see the puppies until they are at least 3 weeks old.  This is for the health and safety of the puppies and the mother.  We will contact those on our wait list in the next week to schedule early visits and tentative pickup appointments.  We appreciate your patience in the time being, we have 12 puppies to take care of after all!  Please check back here for pictures and updates at least weekly and we will update the litter page shortly, after some nap time…very, very tired.

Thank you to everyone who has emailed and commented with their well wishes and Congratulations for the litter!

Total = 12 puppies, 6 boys, 6 girls, 1 great mom

Good girl Tory!

More Pictures

9 thoughts to “Puppy WOW 2008

  • Audrey, Gina, Ava an

    Good girl Tory!! An even dozen, that'll do!

  • Deb & Bob

    Good on you, Sissy Tory!!!! I just hope that they are all as handsome and healthy as I, Fergus MacHowl, am.

    Congratulations, Tory, Max and, of course, R., Jay and Colleen. You all deserve a nice nap and some champagne.

    Deb, Bob, Rory and Uncle Fergus MacHowl

  • Anne-Marie

    Yippee!! You really had us going on the first screen when we only saw the eight!! We are SOOOO excited and hope you can now take a very long nap 😉 CHEERS to Tory, Max, R., Jay, Whelp Wise and the Docs!!

  • Wendy

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! WOW, R. you were not kidding, I guess the jinx was played! What a wonderful size litter, great job Tory!! I wish you all the best!!


  • Gill, Peggy & Ha

    Well done & congratulations. Best wishes for some well deserved rest and lots of happy puppy time. Gill, Peggy & Hannibal

  • Jean

    What lovely photos, well done Tory.
    Looking forward to seeing more photos as they grow.
    Keri, a Stargus girl from England.

  • Anne-Marie

    A great word for 12 is midnight!?! We could hardly sleep last night – we hope you all slept well!

  • Erin, Michael &

    That's quite an introduction to motherhood for Tory! Congratulations to all of you — and much luck!

  • Mary Morris

    Many Congratulations on your production – what super sizes and lovely puppies. Hope you manaage to get some sleep – you will need it.

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