I have sat down three times in as many hours to try to write a quick note, but keep getting called away for various reasons.  We do not have puppies yet, but very soon.  Everything is going well and we hope to share information about the litter soon, but please be patient.

In the mean time we invite you to read about Whelp Wise, Veterinary Perinatal Specialties.  This is our third time using their services and we find it very helpful for whelping puppies.  They provide equipment for periodically monitoring puppy heartrates and contractions which helps identify stages of labor as well as 24/7 assistance.  You’ll notice the Airedale in their logo, that’s because an Airedale breeder started the service, although it is for valuable for any breed.

Below is Tory resting earlier today while being monitored for a short time for contractions.

2 thoughts to “Puppy Watch 2008

  • Audrey and Gina

    We were secretly hoping Tory would have "April fools" pups but thats up to Tory. Come on… you can do it Tory, you still have 8 hours!

  • Deb & Bob

    We hope all is going well, Tory. Fergus MacHowl can't wait to tell his "brother" Airedale Rory that he's an uncle.
    Fergus lies on his side — with much the same expression — as his sister.

    Deb, Bob, Rory and Fergus MacHowl

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