We have covered many questions that you have asked in connection with getting your new puppy. We want to make sure that any additional questions you have get answered.

Subjects already discussed:

Ear Gluing

Feeding Your New Puppy

Early Exposure (what to expect the first 2+ weeks)

What to Buy (basic list of supplies to buy NOW)

Puppy Vaccinations

Grooming – The 1st Year & Beyond

Reading Materials


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We realize that many items have been repeated throughout these topics, but we find sometimes that is necessary to help some people to remember after they have the puppy home.

Please let us know what questions you still have remaining either by email or a comment to this post. Also let us know if you still have questions on any topics already discussed, or if we have forgotten to cover something.

Our goal is to have you as prepared as possible before you bring your new puppy home. In most cases you are not the only person with your question, so getting them answered as thoroughly as possible helps everyone.