It’s almost that time! Pickups are a bitter sweet time. We are sad to see them go, but feel very confident in each and every home that the puppy will have a great life.

We want to let you know what to expect at your pickup appointment.

Appointments are typically fairly short, less than 30 minutes each. This is because everyone is very excited to get their puppy home and we want to you get back as early in the day as possible so that you have more time with the puppy before bed. We ask that you please try to fit your visit into this time frame as we have many pickups scheduled and need to give everyone equal attention.

We will go over any information you want us to at the appointment. Any remaining payments will be finalized. We will go over your contract with you and answer any questions. The contracts are very straight forward and correspond the FAQ & Policies page of our web site which you have read so there should be no surprises. Reread that page now if you need a refresher.

Bring with you to the pickup appointment:

  • Any remaining payment
  • A driver for the trip home so that you can hold the puppy
  • If you cannot find someone to drive you, bring a crate/carrier for the puppy in the car
  • A full roll of paper towels
  • A few old towels that you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Collar and Leash
  • If your trip is long, bring a dish and some bottled water

Most people should not have to stop on the trip home to let the puppy out. We recommend not stopping if you can manage it. If you must stop, don’t let the puppy into any area that seem to be frequented by other dogs. This is to avoid the puppy contracting anything.

You should have already made your first Veterinary appointment for the puppy, if not, do so now. Your first appointment will just be to confirm the health of the puppy and must be done in the first 24-28 hours of bringing the puppy home. Your puppy will not need vaccinations for another 2 weeks or so. Keep the puppy away from any areas many other dogs frequent until the puppy has had at least the next set of shots, like dog parks and boarding/day care facilities.

If you have not already, purchase a bag of the food we have been feeding the puppies, Pro Plan PERFORMANCE in the purple labeled 37.5lb bag. If you can’t find the food, let us know and we will sell you a bag to take home. The puppy may not be terribly interested in food for the first couple days. Stick to your feeding schedule and pick the dish up after 15-20 minutes regardless of whether the puppy has eaten. This is just part of the transition, the puppy will eat when it is ready.

Take it easy the first couple weeks with the puppy, it will take about 2 weeks for the puppy to fully transition to your home. Have lots of fun!

Remember: Pickup is not the end of our relationship with you. We want you to contact us with any questions/concerns that you have at any point, whether its next week, next month, or when the puppy is 10 years old. We look forward to the yearly updates for each and every litter, when we hear great stories and get great pictures from each of you. Please, send us all the pictures you want for our Photo Daily also!