We are very pleased with the early feedback from the puppy buyers of our Max x Tory litter. We wanted to share some of the love here with you all…

Black Ribbon Boy –

“Oh, how wonderful puppies are! …nothing in this world is quite like a puppy. They eat, they pee, and oh my, can they play and play…and then they fall over in a small heap and sleep as though the world is totally safe, just for them! My favorite part is when they wake up and want to be cuddled just before we go out…Archie…what could we possibly say that you do not already know about him. He is very smart..one of the smartest pups that I have lived with…

One afternoon I decided to rest… So Archie started his afternoon on my lap playing with a toy as I rested in the recliner. It took about 30 minutes and then he fell asleep. He started his now what we call his “sleep crawl”…up my chest and eventually up my head – he finally inched his way up across my head with his tale hanging over my left ear and his head hanging over my right ear. He was obviously quite comfortable, because he stayed there for approximately 20-25 minutes as I checked the clock.”

Yellow Ribbon Girl –

“Duchess is really an incredible dog!! We could not love her more and she is happy and well adjusted already 🙂

She is so poised and beautiful most of the time. Then the other side of Duchess comes out and she is a wild silly puppy!! We are so thrilled with her and we think you picked the perfect puppy for us!”

Purple Ribbon Girl –

“Alice is chewing on my rattan chair as I write – probably thinking she is connecting with you in some way…

She is fabulous, funny and curious… And she can count to 10 in English and Spanish……! We are besotted.”

Green Ribbon Boy –

“Ziggy went to the vet yesterday. He was so good and is quite healthy. Thank you for giving him such a good start in life! Did I mention everyone thinks he is so handsome?!

He is very laid back and not anxious which is such a pleasant personality trait. He is so playful and funny. He makes us laugh. We also cry when his teeth get us!

It is amazing how quickly he learns – and he seems to be growing by the hour! We love him. Thank you.”

Red Ribbon Girl –

“My new brother Jackson is awesome…he and I are getting along very very well. He is being gentle with me and showing me the ropes around the house. We play lots especially late in the evening so I get tired and sleep well…

I am very “mouthy” and like shoes, pant legs, and anything on my level. I have tons of toys and they keep putting them in my mouth when I try and chew things I should not be chewing…

I can’t wait to see you all again soon,

Orange Ribbon Girl –

“We had a good ride home. One accident but we were within 3 minutes of our place. Olive (aka orange girl) did her business like the book told me she would, and we are happy to report she slept throught the night… She has been very playful, but just konks out when she has had enough. The cats are curious and there hasn’t been much interaction. Olive chased them a few times, but I’m sure they don’t know what to think of her.”

Tan Ribbon Boy –

“First, thank you so much for your commitment and dedication for producing and nurturing beings that are exquisite in so many ways. Secondly, our heartfelt appreciation for the professional and uncompromising practices you employ to deliver these joyful bundles to their new homes.

We had a perfect trip home with my sweetheart snuggling and sleeping all the way… This morning I heard him bark for the first time. We have mirrored closet doors and he was having a great time with the puppy in the mirror, barking at it and pawing at it! …I love him so much.

Dark Blue Ribbon Boy –

“[Lincoln]…I want to tell you that we all have fallen completely in love with him! He is a very sweet and smart puppy (but you probably already knew that!).”

Thank you to everyone for sending updates and keeping in touch.

If we have missed someone here or if you want to have something added or removed, just email us and we will gladly do so.