Big week ahead for the April Fools (Max x Tory litter).

The puppies are spent more time outside this week as the weather cooperated much better. The next couple days don’t look particularly great, but the holiday weekend should be nice.

Tomorrow the puppies all get full Veterinary health examinations, health certificates, and their first puppy shot.

We are very excited for this weekend. We will be having a professional photography shoot with the April Fools and at the kennel for a magazine article. Puppy wrangling is a job and a half, especially with 12, but we look forward to it.

You have probably seen the pictures we took last week during an early evaluation. We are in the process of evaluating the puppies for show homes. You will see another set of stacked photos this week. We take several becuase not all puppies cooperate each tiem and it takes some practice. We hope to have puppy selections determined by this weekend, but please be patient as we have a very busy week ahead of us.

More pictures in the photo gallery and weights updated.