This week has been filled with more puppy buyer visits, there are a lot of you out there!

We also expanded the puppies play area to that they have more room to romp and play and run around. They are enjoying the added freedom. They enjoy napping on the cool tile over their fluffy bedding during the day when it is warmer.

They enjoy playing with their various toys and tend to fall asleep with heads resting on top of them.

Ongoing rain has delayed our incorporation of an outdoor area already set up for them to play in for most of this past week. We were able to get them outside both yesterday and today.

Weights for this week have been updated and pictures added to the photo gallery.

One thought to “Puppies 5 Weeks”

  • Gina & Audrey

    The pups are so cute!! We like the picture of the one barking at his brother/sister.

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