The Max x Tory puppies are getting to be really playful now.  They are tugging and batting at each other and beginning to run around.  All of them are doing terrific. We’ve had lots of visits for the puppies over the past week and will continue to do so. The visits are great not only for you to see the puppies, but the exposure for the puppies to different people, sounds, smells, etc is very beneficial to their development.

We put on new ribbons today, they really dirty quickly with the mush meals.

Light Green RR wags her tail all the time.  She’s so cute.  Orange RR was a total ham for pictures.

Pictures and a couple videos in the gallery show them starting to run around.  I had hoped to have outdoor pictures and video for this week, but unfortunately we’ve had steady rain that is supposed to continue.

Weight updates have been added to the litter page.

2 thoughts to “Puppies 4 Weeks

  • Audrey & Gina

    These guys are really packing on the pounds! They all look a little bigger and livelier. We love how their tails stand up. Thanks for writing all the info on what we need. It's very helpful to have it in print. Any thoughts on clicker training with Airedales and how they respond?

  • Jon Savage

    Preparing for a new puppy is like getting ready for the arrival of a new baby. It's been a long time since we have had any kids of our own in the house. We look forward to having this new little presence in our house hold with excitement. This will be our 3rd Airedale. In my opinion there isn't a better breed of critter that I want to share my home and life with. If there is a doggie heaven, I hope to meet the rest of my gang there someday.

    I was very impressed with WoodCrest Kennels and the Airedales are exceptional. I had a chance to meet Torry, her mother, a few older pups, and the newest puppies. If I had my choice and could afford it, I’d take every one of them. They’re fabulous!

    Doggie pizza looks delightful….


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