It’s been a crazy, crazy week.  We have been busy, busy, busy.  The puppies are all doing great, more cute every day.

The puppies were moved into their playroom on Saturday night.  They are doing very well there.  It is also more convenient for us to have them there.  The playroom has easy access to an outside play area where we begin teaching the puppies to go out into after they eat once they are ready to do that. 

We have started the puppies on their “mush meals” which is another convenience of the play room which is adjacent to our kitchen.  Mush meals are messy, especially at the beginning.  There’s always a couple that get it right from the first try, this time it is Brown and White RR that took to it right away.  Others might take a day or two to get the hang of it.  Tory still takes care of the puppies any time they need it also.

The puppies have had their first early visit from a puppy buyer, which went quite well, hopefully the family will agree.  The coming week will be filled with a lot more.  Feel free to bring your camera to your visit.  Share your favorite photos with everyone on the photo daily!

We’re starting to post some guidelines to help you along the way.  Hopefully you didn’t miss Feeding Your New Puppy from yesterday and another is set for tomorrow regarding what to expect the first couple weeks.  Next week we will cover Vaccinations and What To Buy.  If you have specific questions please let us know and we will get those answered.

Puppies are scratching itches and eyes are fully open. They are playing with each other and biting at each others ribbons.

Weights are up.  A few photos added to the gallery, more later tomorrow.