How cute the Max x Tory puppies have gotten in just 2 weeks time! 

These puppies have been so quick to walk it’s amazing.  The first to do so was White RR starting at about 1 week and the rest have followed suit.  They are all pro’s now, so much so that I had to take a video to share.  (Direct Link – 11.4MB)  Noise in background is the washing machine, lots and lots of laundry with these guys.

It’s not really noticable in the pictures yet, but the puppies are just barely starting to open their eyes. They’re definitly using their little noses to seek out food.

They eat and eat and eat and their weights show it.  I keep weekly weights on previous litters to analyze averages and expectations.  These puppies are perfectly in line.

We almost awarded the prize for first escapee from the whelping box today, one of the boys, but I was right there to prevent it.  We add the door dividers once this starts. At the end of the week will be setting up their play room so that they can run around and have more space to play.

Early visits for puppy buyers start next week.  We’re looking forward to it and hope that you are too!

The litter theme vote is tied and the poll ends tomorrow.  Who is going to make the deciding vote??

New pictures in the photo gallery.

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  • Audrey, Gina, Ava an

    Thanks for the pictures. We look forward to coming home every day and checking the web site for new pictures. Keep them coming! See you next week
    Audrey & Gina

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