Has it been a week already?! 

The puppies are all doing well and the rest of us are slowly recovering from lack of sleep.  The Max x Tory litter page has been updated with weights from week 1.  All puppies are gaining and looking great. They are all just too cute as well.

Tory is doing very well and amazingly producing enough milk to support all 12 puppies with even more to spare.  Nothing edible is safe within her sight.  She needs some grooming, but other than that is looking very good herself. Tory is taking very good care of her puppies, feeding them and cleaning them when they need it.

Many of the puppies at this point have really beautiful, very dark coats.  We expected this litter to have great hard coats as that is definitly a strong suit for Tory.

At this age the puppies tend to all pig pile on top of each other.  It is a very large pile with 12 puppies. Tory is very good at getting all 12 into one pile while other times they make 2 or 3 smaller piles.

I finally went through the short videos I took back on the 1st of the puppies and picked out my favorite of the puppies napping in between feeding, this was still during whelping. The red light is the heat lamp which helps keep the puppies at a constant temperature which is extremely important at this age. (Give the video some time to load after you hit play.) Direct Link: 0 Week Video 5.91MB

More pictures from today added to the Max x Tory photo gallery.