The puppies are doing great and growing right on track. They are starting to walk around quite a bit and their eyes are just starting to open. They are also starting to use their voices. They are big enough that we had to put the small door in the whelping box to prevent them from climbing over each other and accidentally getting out. It won’t be long before they are big enough to come out of the whelping box and play.

Porsche remains a dedicated mother to her pups and keeps them quite well fed too. She has not had any problem feeding and caring for 10 puppies which is quite a big number. If you remember Porsche’s upside down sleeping habit you’ll be interested to know that we have seen several of the puppies sleeping on their backs at different times.

This week we took some individual photos of the puppies along with some video. We also have many candids taken outside the whelping box while we were cleaning it.

We are looking forward to visits starting next week. If you have not already please send us an email with your preferred visit date/time. We try not to schedule more than two visits per day since it is new for the puppies and takes quite a lot of time.

2009 Nitro x Porsche Litter
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2 thoughts to “Nitro x Porsche Puppies – Week 2

  • Wendy Stehle

    How beautiful, Porsche looks so happy and content in the picture with her babies!

  • louise - teachingpuppies

    Wow they all look fabulous

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