Our Nitro x Porsche puppies are all doing great and growing like beans. The newest weights are up on the litter’s page. We are in the process of contacting everyone on the wait list and collecting deposits and hope that will be finished in the next day or two.

Proud Papa Nitro is doing well also, but really why wouldn’t he be. Don’t worry, he was groomed shortly after taking this photo and he looks forward to seeing all the people at the puppies 3 week visits.

So the routine around here is pretty simple: cleaning, feed puppies, groom a dog, feed puppies, fall asleep on the phone, feed puppies…you get the idea. Porsche handles it all quite well though and is absolutely smitten with her pups. Her milk came in right away and all the puppies have taken advantage of it.

For those who are thinking of questions that need answering I would like to direct you to our FAQ pages where most commonly asked questions are answered as well as our Puppy Basics 101 page which has links to some other common topics. If you still need answers to your specific question please send us an email and we would be happy to help you.

Next week we plan to have video and cute individual photos of the puppies.

3 thoughts to “Nitro x Porsche Puppies – Week 1

  • Dutchess & Duke

    They are beautiful!! Porsche looks like such a wonderful Mom!! We wish we could do a 3 week visit just to meet them all 😉 Enjoy!!

  • R.

    Awwww, we will miss you in our visitor rotation!

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