Porsche went into labor late on Monday, her temperature dropped and she stopped eating, all classic predictors. WhelpWise showed 4 contractions in one hour during the late afternoon and 7 contractions in one hour during the late evening hours. This indicated that she could start having puppies anytime within 8 to 12 hours from that point. This meant that Jay wasn’t going to get much sleep (I called second night shift for this litter).

Contractions continued throughout the night and the first puppy was born at 3am followed shortly by a second puppy.  By the time I got up and took over there were 5 puppies already born.

collar time sex weight

pink hearts 3:30 female 8oz
purple circles 3:45 female 10oz
stripy squares 4:10 male 9 oz
green stripes 4:20 male 9oz
stars 5:50 female 8oz
watermelons 8:09 female 8oz
black dots 8:40 male 10oz
red plaids 9:55 male 8oz
blue flowers 12:02 female 11oz
blue bubbles 12:30 male 8oz

As you can see, we went quite a long time whelping more and more puppies. Porsche was a trooper and only wanted to lick and feed in between births. By Tuesday night she was done and practically back to her old figure (you’re allowed to be jealous, I am). I took the night shift and monitored Porsche, puppies, and feedings throughout the night. We were waiting for a final afterbirth to pass as well which did at 5am.

Porsche will probably win the award for most dedicated mom that we have ever had, at this point she continues to lay in the whelp box feeding and cleaning and requires encouragement to get out to eat and go outside. She is perfectly happy to take care of the puppies and is already back to her happy tail wagging self.

You have probably noticed by now that we are using different ribbons than we have in our previous litters. This is a test, but we hope that they will work out just as well as the old standard bias tape and rick rack. We simply wanted to change it up a bit with some fun and funky ribbons for these little cuties. The only issue we have encountered so far is naming the ribbon patterns in a way that those viewing pictures can easily determine who we are talking about. We have tried our best to label them clearly, but please let us know if you are having trouble identifying puppies. We do however think the patterns will make it easier to pick out individual puppies in photos.

So our final count on our Nitro x Porsche litter born July 14, 2009 is 10 puppies, 5 boys and 5 girls. For those expecting a puppy from this litter please allow us up to a week to get in touch with everyone with information about deposits etc. We need a few days to recuperate from several nights without sleep before tackling the wait list. In the mean time we welcome your congratulations via comments here, email to dogtalk@woodcrestkennel.com, and on Facebook (become a Fan of Woodcrest Kennel.

In addition to the photos here there are many, many more in the litter’s photo gallery.