As some of you already know, on Friday we traversed the mountain, covered in frost heaves big enough to swallow a Nimue or three, for Tory’s ultrasound. 

This winter has been on track to being the snowiest in history and that was evident by the snow banks tall enough to completely cover the street signs along the road.  Many roofs in the area have collapsed from the weight of the snow and ice as it melts.  The Vet’s building was nearly invisible from the road due to the high snow and driving up to it was like going down a tunnel with snow taller than the SUV on both sides.  Snow from the roof had recently slid to the side of the building so high that it looked mostly like a roof sticking up from the ground with no evidence of the building itself.  Business continues as usual though here.  Luckily we were only hit with about 2 inches of additional accumulation instead of the 8-12 that was predicted for this past Saturday.

Tory received many compliments while we waited in the lobby for her appointment.  Everyone always has an Airedale story to tell and while waiting we listened to three.  Her appointment was pretty quick.  The Vet set up the ultrasound machine and almost immediately declared at least half a soccer team.  Puppies on the ultrasound machine look mostly like oval shaped sacs of black surrounded by gray static.  They are pretty distinct, however, it is very hard to get an exact count.  So we are pleased to announce that Tory is in fact pregnant with a due date of about 31 March 2008, maybe we’ll end up with some April Fools.

Check out the new random header above (refresh a couple times, it’s in there somewhere) in honor of the upcoming Max x Tory litter.

So now the fun stuff begins.  As we begin preparing for the litter over the coming month, setting up the whelping box, getting supplies together, we have some tasks coming up for you all too!  Check back next week when we will provide some guidelines and open up submissions for a litter theme.

5 thoughts to “Max x Tory Litter Ultrasound

  • Deb & Bob

    How wonderful!! I bet those are going to be just beautiful puppies. Fergus sends his sister many head rubs (The Ferg's favorite way of showing affection) and he hopes that she's a happy, calm Lady in Waiting.
    Deb & Bob
    PS — love her pictures. She looks so much like her brother who, as I type this, is sacked out on one of his and Rory's beds through the house. He has to be by my at all times.

  • R.

    Thanks Deb & Bob! Tory is doing very well. She's an eating machine, but that isn't really anything new. 🙂 I have some new pictures of Kadie for next week from the last snowstorm. Glad the dogs are good. -R.

  • Anne-Marie

    Tory looked so comfy on your bed we just knew she was up to something 🙂 What an outing you had – a wonderful story!! You know that we cried when we heard the news!! We hope all are well and we are thinking of you, give a kiss (and cookie) to Tory!

  • R.

    Everyone is doing great, Tory included. Now we just wait for puppies! Talk soon.

  • R.

    Check back Monday, March 10th for information on picking the Max x Tory litter THEME!!

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