We are pleased to confirm that Kadie is expecting puppies. The litter is expected on 30 August 2005.

An ultrasound done on day 30 of her pregnancy (28 July 2005) confirmed that Kadie is in fact pregnant. The ultrasound revealed seven (7) puppies; however, this number is not final. Frequently with ultrasounds on dogs the number of puppies cannot be confirmed exactly because they hide behind each other. There will often be a whelp larger than the number predicted by the ultrasound.

We are now taking inquiries on this litter out of our own UK import Kadie (CH Stargus Ayesha) and Trooper (American and Canadian CH Serendipity’s Trail Blazer). Please contact us if you are interested in a puppy from this litter. We screen all potential puppy buyers to ensure that they will be able to provide a loving, healthy, and happy home for the lifetime of the puppy.

For more information about this litter please visit their page here.

The picture below is of Kadie at Montgomery weekend 2005.