Nobody involves you in the puppy process and development like we do and now we’re going to incorporate your involvement even further…now YOU will pick the Max x Tory litter’s THEME!

What is a litter theme?
A litter theme is a nice way of linking all the puppies from the litter together even after they go to their new homes.  In most cases we use the litter theme to pick the registered name for our puppies that we keep for show.  Many puppy buyers choose to pick the registered name for their puppy based on the litter theme also so that their puppy is always connected back to the litter-mates. 

For example, the litter theme when Tory was born was Envy, her registered name is Woodcrest Torrential Envy, and we picked her call name off of Torrential to get Tory.  Often when we refer to the Trooper x Kadie litter we might say the “envies” to reference the litter. 

Registered names always begin with the kennel name where the puppies were born and we try to include the call name in the registered name if we can.  The theme doesn’t have to be a word to include in the registered names, it can also be a category from which all the registered names are derived.  For example, we used exotic cars to derive Woodcrest Phantom Limited Edition and Woodcrest Avanti Revival.

A litter theme can be anything, there is infinite possibility.  We do have some guidelines for you though.  Many, many other breeders use movies, books, and songs for their themes/registered names/call names so we want to stay away from that.  We want the theme to be unique, something nobody else has used.  So be creative!  Also, many other breeders use cutesy names and themes, we prefer something…less flowery…more dark and twisty.  We will not use themes that we have used in the past or that other breeders we know of have used.  That being said, there are no rules, so feel free to break any outlined here!

ANYBODY can participate, other breeders, previous puppy buyers, future puppy buyers, lovers, haters, lurkers, anyone and their little dog too… we’re even going to throw a couple in ourselves.  Only ideas submitted as comments to this post will be considered.  You can submit as many ideas as you can think of, there is no limit, but submit each idea as a separate comment.  Include the reasoning behind your idea if you want. 

*If it is the first time you have commented, your comment will be held for moderation which is only done to prevent spamming.  Rest assured, if your submission and email address look legit it will be approved, and your email is not shared on the site.  **If you get an error when you submit your comment, we are very sorry.  There is some glitch right now that we hope will be fixed soon.  The comment is going through (and being moderated if applicable), so please don’t re-submit right away.

The submission period will end on March 27th, at which point we will close the comments on this post, so you have a couple weeks to come up with as many ideas as you want.  We will take a week or so to catch our breath (puppies are due the following week too) and to pick out our favorites from the ideas submitted.  Then we will open up a Poll and YOU WILL VOTE to chose the winner.  You will probably only be allowed one vote per computer, so you’ll have to go to the library if you want to inflate the votes on your favorite.

That’s it.  It’s all up to you! 

Ready, set…comment!

18 thoughts to “It's Theme Time!

  • R.

    I'll get us started:

    Tory's "Triple Black Diamonds"

    I wanted to submit a snow type theme since the winter has been so crazy here. I suppose I could have gone with just "Snow" but since we also ski, I think "Triple Black Diamond" conveys a message. The puppies could be named after ski runs with that rating.

  • Ted

    Aviators. All named after famous people in aviation. or Aviation names after aircraft.

  • colleen

    NH ski area's which was my idea prior to reading yours.
    ragged, canaan, breton, sunapee, etc

  • R.

    Tory's Torrents after her own registered name.

  • Anne-Marie

    Victory or Victorious. I like it because it has "Tory" in it
    🙂 Seems like an obvious choice so it might have been used already?!?!

  • Anne-Marie

    Summit or Apex. Going with the ski/mountain theme. I do like Triple Black Diamonds!!

  • R.

    Hooray! Thank you Anne-Marie.

    Both of those are great!

  • Anne-Marie

    Regal. Because the definition is "stately, magnificent, splendid, of or pertaining to a king; royal." The word 'Royal' is also great but probably already used?!?!

  • Anne-Marie

    Splendor. Definition is "brilliant or gorgeous appearance, magnificence." Exactly what I think when I see an Airedale!

  • martha

    Many Torrential storm systems effect winter weather. Here are a few you might consider. Our Canadian friends have the Alberta Clipper. You in the Northeast have the Nor'easter. Lets go Global with the Siberian Express, and we must not forget those out west who have the Colorado Hooker.

  • Wendy

    It’s Theme Time

    Well, to keep on the ski theme I thought I throw some skier slang for the idea of a name, of course some are funny when I looked up slang, I was LOL:

    Tory's Screaming Starfish

    Tory's Lift Licker's

    Tory's Ripper Rolls

    Tory's Posse

    Tory's Powder Elevens

    The last one R. is not to scare you eleven, oh my!!

    Here's the site to see what they mean and for many others:

  • R.


    If you saw her you might take that back! She's huge!

    Great theme ideas. 🙂


  • Wendy

    Well, oh goodness, too funny, hope it's not a jinx!! Glad you liked the ideas. It was fun! Good luck with name search!


  • Toby

    I am new to this but being a HUGE sports fan I think an interesting theme would be names of Sports veunues.
    Fenwy, Camden, Wrigley, Petco, etc..there are plenty more out there….

  • Toby

    Yes it is me again..Now that I am on a roll I have another theme idea. We have decided to name our new puppy Sydney. I was thinking an Australian theme as a possability. Melbourne, Geelong, Perth, New Castle, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra…

  • R.

    Great ideas Toby. Actually, the first of Tory's 4 majors during her sweep in Boston was given by Judge Jan E. Braithwaite-Campbell of Victoria, Australia. We also got a very lovely letter from a fellow Airedale breeder in Australia following Tory's wins. The theme fits very well.

  • R.

    I'll add "April Fools" to the list, but only if the litter is born on April 1. I guess the registered names would have "fool" or "foolish" etc in them.

  • Audrey and Gina

    Audrey and I were thinkning of costellations or stars. We could use the constellation or stars as names. The litter theme would be cosmos. For example Cosmo dorado Whats your favorite Star? We do like the ski theme. Audrey got some skiing in winter as well. She liked her run on fool's gold and bronco

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