This week we will post the first chapter of our explanation of how dog shows work.

Conformation Explained
Chapter 1: Group & BIS Judging

In this part we will explain Group and Best In Show, the televised portions of a dog show. For the purpose of this explanation we will stick with typical AKC Conformation dog shows in the US. Shows in other countries work differently and particular shows within the US have special rules and considerations.

In order to make the information easier to digest, we will break this chapter of the article up across several days this week. Up first we will discuss dog breeds and how they are classified into Groups.

Do you have any questions about Group and Best In Show Judging and/or questions about televised dog shows?? Let us know by Sharing Your Comments and we will get those questions answered in the article.

Hold on to your questions about Breed judging for now, we will explain that in detail in another article soon.