It’s time for another installment of our series Conformation Explained.

Certainly an important aspect of Conformation is what exactly a Championship is and how it is attained.  For this topic we will stick with AKC Conformation and Championship.

To obtain a conformation championship with the AKC any dog must obtain a total of 15 point that include at least two majors.

A major is 3 or more points that are won at one time.  There are 3 point majors, 4 point majors, and 5 point majors.

The points can be earned in any combination of ways including three wins of 5 point majors or two wins of 3 point majors and 9 single points both of which add up to 15 points.

The point schedule is updated each year and is divided by region, breed, and sex.  Effective May 7, 2008, for Airedales in our region which is Division 1 (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont) the point schedule is as follows:

For Males

2 males = 1 point
4 males = 2 points
5 males = 3 points
7 males = 4 points
10 males = 5 points

For Females

2 females = 1 point
5 females = 2 points
7 females = 3 points
9 females = 4 points
14 females = 5 points

Points are awarded to the best male and best female in the class competition.  However, there is a chance to win even more championship points in the Best of Breed competition.

The best male and best female compete for Best of Winners during Best of Breed judging.  If say there were only 2 males, so the best male won 1 point, but there were 14 females for 5 points, if the judge selects the best male for Best of Winners he also is awarded the points from the females.  In that case even though there were only 2 males, the male that won Best of Winners walks away with a 5 point major.  The female is still awarded 5 points also.

If the best male or best female win Best of Opposite during Best of Breed judging the total number of females in the BOB ring is added to calculate the number of points awarded.

If the best male or best female win Best of Breed the total number of dogs in the BOB ring are added to calculate the number of points.

Any absent dogs or dogs excused from judging are not counted toward the points calculation.

Dogs entered only in the Best of Breed competition already have obtained a championship and are therefore not awarded any championship points for wins.  They do however receive points toward breed standings, but that is a higher level of competition.

If you would like to provide an account of how Championships are achieved in your country please email Dogged Dogdom and we will happily share your information.