So we had some technical difficulties here over the past week. It started on Saturday when somehow the database server died and refused to be resurrected until sometime on Wednesday. Between that and a camera malfunction that destroyed this week’s batch of puppy photos we’ve been a little behind in our posting.

Luckily tonight we have some photos of the puppies having a good time…being puppies. They are all such great little puppies with wonderful playful personalities. We’ve been working on evaluations and introducing grooming tools like the brush and grooming table to the puppies (they’ve been getting regular nail trims right along). They’ve had more time outside and exploring new areas and meeting new people. We are very happy with this litter and know they are going to be great dogs in their new homes.

2009 Nitro x Porsche
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One thought to “2009 Nitro x Porsche – 6 Weeks”

  • Wendy Stehle

    They are adorable, and gosh the one is learning how to read and one is learning how to use the fly swatter, LOL! They are such a blast! Sorry you have had such crazy week!

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