Our 10 little dynamos just keep growing and growing. They are eating their big pup meals well and doing great with new textures under their feet. From fleece, to tile, to blankets, to cement, to grass, they are all adapting well.

Their personalities are really starting to take shape and they are having a great time playing with each other and being rambunctious puppies.

They are big enough for Ari to spend some supervised time playing with them. She runs circles around them and certainly does a good job exposing the puppies to new sights and sounds.

All the puppies are doing great and we look forward to starting evaluations maybe next week. This week will be more of the same with some increased time outdoors to learn more about those sights and sounds.

2009 Nitro x Porsche Litter
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3 thoughts to “2009 Nitro x Porsche – 5 Weeks

  • Wendy Stehle

    They are beautiful and sounds like they doing very well, little Ari is so sweet to!


  • Deb and Bob

    What gorgeous little faces and eyes!!!

    They are just darling and so is Ari. As some friends of mine say about Airedale puppies: '"They're just pupalicious"'

    Deb and Bob

  • boxers dog

    this one is great .thanks for sharing.

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