It’s that time again, time for puppy mush pictures! Puppy mush never gets old around here. The puppies have just started weaning and it takes them about a week to get the hang of solid food which is a huge change from what they are used to.

The puppies are doing great with this and the other big transitions from this week. They have outgrown the whelping box which means they got an upgrade in their sleeping area, still in the same room. They are also taking in several new experiences including the outdoors! (Of course Porsche isn’t too keen on letting her pups take wing, but she is adjusting as well.) We have two separate outdoor (covered) areas for the puppies to play around and experience new sights, sounds, and most important at this stage textures under their little feet as they are improving their sea legs.

We have had many visits over the past week and the puppies are doing great with them. We have several more scheduled for this week. We can’t wait for everyone to see the puppies for the first time and get their Airedale fix!

2009 Nitro x Porsche
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