The puppies are 3 weeks old now and they are walking around and making lots of noise to let everyone know that they are here! Their eyes are all open and they hear us and get excited when we talk to them. All the puppies are growing wonderfully and doing great.

The video from last week wasn’t great so I retook some for this week. The video was taken while we were cleaning the whelping box which requires taking all the puppies out. It serves a dual purpose with the cleaning and beginning to expose the puppies to different surfaces and experiences. We have also started puppy visits which helps with socialization and development as more and more people handle the puppies along with the various sights, smells, and sounds that new people bring.

2009 Nitro x Porsche
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2 thoughts to “2009 Nitro x Porsche – 3 weeks

  • Wendy Stehle


    Porsche always has a smile on her face, in the video she really catered to their needs and watched them closely, I forgot how loud they are, =:) They are precious!

  • Floost

    I added your blog to bookmarks. And i’ll read your articles more often!

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